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What is Flexible Ducting?

Flexible Ducting is one of the many HVAC products provided by the HAS Store, which transports or ventilates air, from one place to the other.

Where can I use Flexible Ducting?

Flexible Ducting can be used in a wide variety of domestic and industrial applications such as:
Ventilation for the workplace, domestic use, offices, bathrooms, kitchens, tumble dryers, air conditioning units and much more.

What types of HAS Flexible Ducting are there?

Aluminium Flexible Ducting

Insulated Aluminium Flexible Ducting ... a form of thermally insulated, fully flexible HVAC ducting which reduces external heat transfer.
Un-Insulated ... an un-insulated version of fully flexible HVAC ducting.
Acoustic ... a specially constructed HVAC flexible duct, capable of reducing air movement noise.
Semi-Rigid ... an extremely flexible, corrugated spiral HVAC duct, capable of withstanding pressures of 2500Pa.

PVC Flexible Ducting

White ... a sturdy, high quality, white PVC flexible ducting, mainly used on domestic applications.
Grey ... a sturdy, high quality, grey PVC flexible ducting, mainly used on commercial applications.
Combi-Flex ... a re-inforced blend of Aluminium and black PVC flexible ducting, used on all kinds of air movement systems.

Where can I buy affordable, high quality Flexible Ducting from?

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At the HAS Store, we sell not only our comprehensive range of flexible ducting direct to the consumer but we also offer a full range of HVAC products to suit any application.

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Our parent site is Hotchkiss Air Supply. Hotchkiss Air Supply is the UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of ductwork, ducting and accessories. We specialise in B2B and B2C products.

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